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  Safe steroids

afe Anabolic Steroids

How much anabolic steroids, could a steroid user use, if all anabolic steroids were safe anabolic steroids? Are there safe anabolic steroids? Yes, there are safe anabolic steroids! However, few safe anabolic steroids come from the black market. Safe anabolic steroids are manufactured in quality controlled pharmaceutical facilities. Safe anabolic steroids are obtained through a prescription. Safety seals also ensure safe anabolic steroids. Safe anabolic steroids can also be guaranteed through well known pharmacy companies such as Pfizer, Choinon, and Schering just to name a few. Athletes may obtain banned medicines including safe anabolic steroids from physicians, pharmacists, retail outlets, health and lifestyle magazines, gymnasiums, coaches, family members, fellow athletes, the internet and the black market. Can safe anabolic steroids come from a underground source? Yes, but safe anabolic steroids from the black market is risky, as there are no governing agents such as the FDA to ensure quality control. Can safe anabolic steroids be bought over the internet? Again, safe anabolic steroids can be purchased, although there is still some risk involved due to uncertainty of content.
safe anabolic steroids

Can safe anabolic steroids become unsafe? Yes, even safe anabolic steroids originating from a pharmacy through a prescription can become unsafe. Prescription controlled safe anabolic steroids can become unsafe, when not used properly, or abused. For example, a safe anabolic steroid such as testosterone can become unsafe, when used with dirty syringes or injected improperly. A good rule of thumb to ensure anabolic steroid safety is to never use old needles, or share syringes. Individuals using safe anabolic steroids typically use a combination of oral and injectable drugs during 6- to 12-week cycles. The injectable anabolic steroids are favored by users because they are less hepatotoxic than oral preparations. However, the oral anabolic steroids tend to be cleared more rapidly from the system and may be preferred when drug testing is anticipated. Although safe anabolic steroids may be genuine, health risks such as an abscess can occur if using needles incorrectly, In men, anabolic steroid use depresses levels of luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormones, which leads to decreased endogenous testosterone production, decreased spermatogenesis, and testicular atrophy. Gynecomastia may result from the peripheral conversion of androgens to estradiol and estrone. The masculinizing effects of anabolic steroids in women include hirsutism, acne, deepening of the voice, clitoral hypertrophy, and male-pattern baldness. These androgenic effects may be irreversible. Some individuals may experience mental status and behavioral changes with anabolic steroid use, including irritability, aggressiveness, euphoria, depression, mood swings, altered libido, and even psychosis.[1] Anabolic steroid withdrawal and dependency disorders have also been reported.[2] Acute anabolic steroid withdrawal may produce symptoms of central nonadrenergic hyperactivity including anxiety, irritability, insomnia, hot flashes, sweats, chills, anorexia, myalgia, nausea, vomiting, piloerection, tachycardia, and hypertension. Depression and anabolic steroid craving may also occur with withdrawal.

Can Safe anabolic steroids can also become unsafe?

The Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004 was signed into law by President Bush on October 22, 2004. It will be effective on approximately January 20, 2005. After that date, just possessing these banned substances will be a crime. This law makes ALL steroid precursors (prohormones) except DHEA "controlled substances" in the United States.

source: qfac.com


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